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Check your latest E-mail? Find the train time-table on Internet? Keep up-to-date with breaking news? Your notebook PC with WiFi-card and the free WiFi Access Point by Hotel Coen Delft enables you to do just that. The Internet is only a few mouse clicks away!

How much do I get charged to use WiFi at Hotel Coen Delft?
The use of WiFi at Hotel Coen Delft is free for hotel guests! You only require a laptop or PDA to log onto the WiFi-network.

Please note: the WiFi-network by Hotel Coen Delft only allows access to Internet. You need to ensure that your notebook PC has a virus scanner and/or firewall. Hotel Coen Delft cannot be held responsible for any virus that may infect your notebook PC while using the WiFi-network. Hotel Coen Delft BV cannot be held responsible in any way in case the wifi network is not strong or unavailable during your stay.

Technical data:
WiFi 802.11g network
2.4 GHz Band Compatible with 1Mbps en 54Mbps network-cards.
64-bit WEP encryption for maximum security.
Download speed max. 2000 Kbit.