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After a day of sight-seeing or hard work, our Health Centre featuring a sauna, sunbed, and steam-bath, the only of its kind in any Delft hotel, will help you to unwind. A relaxing sauna,  or topping up your tan under the sun-bed, anything is possible. Not by discount Actions. Rates
Finnish Sauna
Soothing to both the body and the mind. The sauna is the ideal spot to get away from the daily grind. A sauna bath not only cleanses your skin but also calms the nerves and fortifies your body. A meticulous variation of heat and cold opens the pores, relaxes the muscles and cramped feelings disappear as snow under the sun. All in all, the sauna is a blessing to both body and mind.

The sauna is available daily to hotel guests between 18.00 and 20.00 hrs.

Infrared cabin
Infrared heat is very pleasant, it also stimulates blood circulation and has a healing effect on muscles and joints. Moreover, infrared stimulates circulation and prevents injuries. This short wave infrared radiation can penetrate deep into the skin to a depth of 5 mm.
This leads to an effective and optimal heating of the body.
These lamps are preferably suitable stimulating your neck, back and shoulders for a short (max 8 min) treatment.
The total heat output is achieved immediately after switching on, saving time and energy that is wasted.

Everyone benefits from a nice tan. A tan makes you look healthy and fit and will make you feel accordingly. The Health Centre of Hotel Coen Delft offers you the possibility to sport a nice, bronzed tan all year round. Pre-tan before a holiday, a wedding or just to pamper yourself, it is up to you. Hotel Coen Delft offers you the possibility, in all kinds of weather.

The Dutch climate does not always offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. Or maybe you simply do not have the time or are pre-occupied with other things. You can enjoy a session on our sunbed any time, after a day’s sight-seeing of after a hard day’s work. It is up to you.